The Kellerjoch through the ages

Bau des Hecherhauses 1952


Construction of the Hecherhaus

Einsersessellift bei Schwaz Tirol 1955

1955 - 1973

Opening of the KellerjochBahn and new facilities

Berg- und Skilift Grafenast bei Schwaz 1955


As one of the first cable cars in the whole of Austria, 2 single chairlifts from Schwaz over Arzberg towards Grafenast were put into operation.

Eiergondeln am Kellerjoch 1959


Expansion of the ascent from Grafenast to Arbeser with egg-shaped gondola lift

Skilift Arbeser 1961


Reopening of the button lift to the top of the Arbeser

Liftticket Kellerjochbahn 1963


Creation of the Waizer piste for the 1964 Austrian Alpine Ski Championships

Kellerjochbahn Liftkassa historisch


Commissioning of the Frieden drag lift at Grafenast


New construction of the Nordlift drag lift with a length of 960 m

Arbeser Tellerlift 1980

1980 - 1988

Reconstruction and expansion of the lifts and pistes

Bockstall Schlepplift am Kellerjoch 1980


  • Renovation of the Bockstall drag lift
  • Shortening of the Arbeser button lifts
  • Widening of the family slope/li>


  • Reconstruction of Section III from Grafenast from Arbeser to the single chairlift.
  • Addition of garages in Grafenast
  • Conversion of the Nordlift to self-service
  • Reconstruction of the Schwaz valley station with renovated toilet facilities
  • First free Skibus offer


Conversion of the AG into the Berg- und Schilift Schwaz-Pill Gesellschaft mbH with GF D.VW Dr. Reinalter


  • Lengthening of the slope from Grafenast to Arzberg
  • The Nordlift was removed
  • Extension of the concession of the single chairlift I + II
  • Concession for the new double chair lift section III Grafenast - Arbeser
Hecherhaus vor dem Umbau 1990

1990 - 1997

Takeover and Expansion


Werner Kostenzer takes over the Kellerjochbahn together with Klaus


Werner Kostenzer represents the company as the sole Managing Director


Werner Kostenzer signs the purchase contract for the Hecherhaus Alpine Lodge on the 11/11/1994


Reconstruction of the snow-making system

Wintergarten am Hecherhaus 1997


Addition of the winter garden in the Hecherhaus

Speicherteich Spielboden 2020

Since 2010

Further development of the ski area


Closure of ESL Section I from Schwaz to Arzberg after the license expires


Completion of the new access from direct from the piste edge to nearby parking


Werner Kostenzer takes over the business share from Klaus Wetscher after his death


Michael Huber – Son of Werner Kostenzer – enters as Managing Director and shareholder

Zauberteppich im Kinderland am Kellerjoch 2016


New pistes and drag lift with 2 magic carpets for Kinderland

Betriebsgebäude Kellerjochsports 2017


  • Opening of the new premises with ticket office, shop, ski hire & servicing, ski store and terrace café right in front of Kinderland with warming room
  • Lengthening of the toboggan stretch up to the Hecherhaus - becoming the longest natural toboggan run in North Tyrol with a total distance of 9.2 km from Hecherhaus to Freundsberg Castle
  • Expansion of the Grafenast car park


  • Closure of ESL Section II from Arzberg to Grafenast after the license expires
  • Avalanche-safe toboggan run in the Arbeserkopf area
Beschneiungsanlage Kellerjoch 2020

2019 - 2020

Work began and completion of the Speilboden reservoir with a capacity of 50,000 m³ and expansion of the snow-making systems towards the Hecherhaus